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Racquel Nathiri is no stranger to the stage; she dedicated a significant portion of her formative years to performing – singing, acting, and writing short plays – before sadly leaving her family in Jamaica to come to the US to find herself and pursue a career in forensic pathology. While in college, her love for acting was rekindled and she decided to make her love and destiny her vocation.


Since arriving in Charlotte, she has appeared on stage and film.

She continues to train and volunteer at Film Actor’s Studio-Charlotte and is consistently auditioning for roles.


In addition to acting, Racquel continues to seek out a holistic, healthy and happy life, and relishes roles that enable her to display both facets of her repertoire to audiences. Racquel is happily married (to her husband Aman Nadhiri), with a cat (Lucy) and a dog (Baheej).







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